Games Like CoinMaster

What other games are like Coinmaster?

Such treachery, I know! But how else are you supposed to fill your time when you run out of spins?

Here is a list of games that are similar to Coinmaster, just not quite as good!

  1. Pirate KingsĀ 

Spin the wheel, collect cards, play mini games, get your daily spin, attack friends and raid people. It’s all the fun of Coinmaster, but on the seven seas. Really though, how does it compare? You can use higher multipliers, but you don’t seem to earn as much money. You can hire workers for your previously completed islands so your islands are making you money all of the time.

How does it compare to Coinmaster? It’s not as pleasing to the eye, the spins don’t benefit you as much, but some of the mini games they have sure are addictive! You can check it out here

2. Coin Trip

This is probably the closest thing I’ve found to a game that’s as good as Coinmaster. You can move through levels fairly quickly, the raiding system is great and you seem to get plenty of money for your spins. The mini games try to mimic Coinmaster, but you never seem to get very far with them.

3. Fortune Heroes

Fortune Heroes has the most similar look to Coinmaster. It’s a very attractive game with similar game play. Unfortunately though, the last time I tried to play this game you weren’t able to log in with Facebook or play the game with friends. Given that one of the main joys of Coinmaster is destroying your friends villages, Fortune Heroes lacks a lot of the fun and frustrations of the game.

Fortune Heroes also makes it incredibly easy to get extra spins and cash to the point that playing the game can seem a little pointless as there isn’t any real challenge.