How to Play Coinmaster

How to play Coinmaster

There are three main aspects to playing Coinmaster. These are

  • The Slot Machine
  • Building your Village
  • Collecting Cards

You will gain spins at a rate 5 an hour. The maximum amount of spins you can reach simply by not playing the game is 50.

You can gain extra spins by winning them in Coinmaster events, buying them, or using links like those provided here.

You use spins to gain coins in various ways, and using the coins you can then upgrade items in your village.

Every time you upgrade something in your village you will gain one star. It takes 20 stars to move to the next level.

The Spins –

When you spin the wheel you can get

  • Hammers – This will take you to attack a random village. You can change this by clicking friends and then selecting a friend you wish to attack, or clicking on revenge and then attacking someone who has previously attacked or raided you.
  • Pigs – Getting 3 of these little fellas means you can now raid your Coinmaster (the person displayed on the top of the slot machine).
  • Coins – Three coins will give you cash, but how much depends on what level you are on.
  • Treasure – Getting three of the treasure chests will give you a bigger amount of cash than the coins, but again, how much depends on the level that you’re on.
  • Blue Pills – When you get three of these you will get 10 extra spins.
  • Shields – When you get three shields you will receive a shield that will protect your village from attack. You can only have three shields at any one time.

Building Your Village

Building your village is your main priority in the game, certainly until you get a few levels in. You will usually have in each village a house, some kind of mode of transport, a plant, an animal and a person. You will need to upgrade each of these 5 times to complete a level (4 times for the first couple of levels).

Collecting Cards

The further along you get the bigger part of the game collecting cards becomes. It’s important to know, straight away, that you should be making every attempt to collect the cards you need before you move up the levels.

The cards are in sets, and when you complete a set then you win rewards, such as extra spins and pets.